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It's conceivable to have fresh starts at any age on the off chance that you have the will for it. The lives of 'pistol dadis' Chandro Tomar and Prakashi Tomar is verification enough of that. Both took up gun shooting while in their 60s and proceeded to win awards in each rivalry they partook in. Today, when they are 80 or more, they are viewed as the most seasoned sharpshooters on the planet are as yet going solid. Originating from a male centric jat family, their achievements made ready for ladies in and around Baghpat to take up the game. Prakashi's little girl Seema is a globally eminent Trap shooter. Chandro's granddaughter Shefali had additionally contended broadly and globally at gun occasions. Saand Ki Aankh is the tale of the two grandmas as a matter of first importance. And furthermore reveals insight into the life of the little youngsters who pursued their older folks. 

We pursue the lives of the dadis from when they were recently hitched. Their day begins at the pinnacle of day break and finishes profound into the night. They do all the family work, in addition to work in the fields, as additionally in the block furnace. They are canvassed in ghoonghat constantly and to dodge perplexity, they shading code their dupattas so the men realize whom to lay down with around evening time. What's more, since there is no understanding of family arranging, they become kid bearing machines of sorts, turning out to be moms to a huge brood in the blink of an eye. They don't have a state in anything in their family and can't step out of their home without express consent from the menfolk. 

Things change when a specialist (Vineet Kumar Singh) opens up a shooting range in their town. Shefali (Sara Arjun) needs to join and once, to give her how it's done, Chandro (Bhumi Pednekar) shoots a bullseye on the principal attempt. Before long Prakashi (Taapsee Pannu) and later Seema (Pritha Bakshi) too goes along with them. Their enduring nerves improve the grandmas shooters and soon they start contending in shooting rivalries implied for seniors, winning decorations at each meet. They trick the men into believing they're taking visiting strict spots when they go to different rivalries. Both Seema and Shefali get chose for the Indian national camp and for the good of they Chandro and Prakashi stand up just because against their menfolk, straightforwardly revolting with the goal that the cutting edge gets an opportunity to carry on with a superior life... 

While we discuss ladies breaking the discriminatory limitation and standing side by side with the men, that is genuine just in restricted urban pockets. Uniformity has still to see the light of the day for most by far of ladies in India. Regardless of the staggering restriction, they yet figure out how to guarantee a smidgen of daylight for themselves. The sisterhood they feel towards one another usually turns into the best weapon in their battle and that is the thing that radiates through in the film too. Both Chandro and Prakashi are there for one another in each circumstance. Furthermore, they're helped by other ladies of the family unit to keep up their mystery. They are joined in their triumphs, they're joined in their annihilations. What we see may have been a profoundly performed adaptation of their lives yet the basic emotion is more or less genuine. You get their anxiety, their craving to revolt, their need to exceed expectations with the goal that they can break free. 

Lovely permit is taken with regards to delineating a few circumstances - for example, it wouldn't have been workable for them to stop the entire town of thinking about their accomplishments. What's more, to sneak off for training each day without somebody carrying it to the notice of their spouses. Perfectionists will have an issue with the jat tongue spoken by the characters, while others may believe it's unintelligible. Others may call attention to that both Bhumi Pednekar and Taapsee Pannu look too youthful to even consider being grandmas. However, these are simply minor blemishes which don't generally thwart the film. 

The two leads are the spirit of the film. Like Chandro and Prakashi, Bhumi and Taapsee bolster each other all through the film, playing off one another, completing each other's sentences. The companionship, the kinship felt by their characters is practically substantial. Both are practiced enough to put their eyes and non-verbal communication to sufficient use. They are capably upheld by Pritha Bakshi and Sara Arjun. Prakash Jha is the antagonist of the piece here, playing the family patriarch with incredible energy. His ravings may sound OTT yet what his character speaks to is the genuine essence of male centric society. 

Summarizing, watch the film for the genuine dramatization, just as for its positive message towards ladies strengthening.

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