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Chaman (Sunny Singh) is going bare at 30 and subsequently, looks more develop than his age. He has a stable employment as an educator of Hindi in a rumored school yet his understudies make life hellfire for him by always kidding about his absence of hair. On account of his retreating hairline, he's a long ways behind in the dating game. He doesn't have a decent mental self view and when all else falls flat, he chooses to confide in Tinder. Abnormally, he finds a match in Apsara (Maanvi Gagroo), who has confronted dismissal in her affection life as a result of being overweight. They approach on account of a mishap. Apsara feels he's perfect for her yet Chaman dreams wedding a stunner and isn't prepared for what he believes is a trade off. Contrasts happen yet on account of an experience with an associate, Chaman, finally, sees the light of the day. 

The film is a change of the Kannada hit Ondu Motteya Kathe (2017). It serves you a platter of conceivable circumstances however the flavoring of Chaman's very preposterous Punjabi family turns off your craving. Also, what's with the boisterous foundation score which overpowers the on-screen activity and breaks your consideration continually. Executive Abhishek Pathak see-saws between unadulterated satire and show, attempting somewhat disproportionate. He fills it with eccentric characters like Saurabh Shukla's Babaji, who can't withstand tears or Sharib Hashmi's character, who is an office kid with a brilliant heart. 

The film is based on the way that we as a whole need the world to like us for our looks. Self-perception is essential to us and those without a hold tight their sentiments identified with their picture do endure for their entire lives. Body disgracing is something that isn't tended to on a scale it merits. What's more, genuine affection looks past the self-evident. The film makes these significant focuses and ought to be praised for it however the execution has disappointed the topic. 

Karishma Sharma, who plays Chaman for a sucker has assumed her job well. Thus has Sharib Hashmi, the sole mainstay of restriction in this OTT satire. Maanvi Gagroo is a screen stealer as the great hearted young lady who hasn't let life's mistake get to her. Bright Singh gets his first solo parody. He has given his everything to appear to be a man tricky about his looks and his exhibition is certainly an or more point for the film. 

In general, while the film raises some significant issues, it experiences flawed execution. It appears to be a botched chance, best case scenario...

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